Beyonce Heat Perfume EDP 100ml

August 7, 2013 - Comment


Sweetness says:

AMAZING!!!!!! when i ordered this perfume I knew it smelt good coz one of my friends used to have it but i think i had forgotten just how good it was,…the delivery was quick which was really great and also i loved the smell as soon as i sprayed it, smells so good it makes you feel sexy!…i would recommend it for someone looking for a sexy,sensual scent…

S. Agha "Runway Diva Extroadinaire" says:

Overrated I heard amazing reviews for this on the internet so ordered myself a bottle. It’s called Heat so you expect it to have that warm smell, but it’s more fruity than warm. I was not impressed. It smelt a little on the cheap and unsophisticated side. It’s not terrible, just overrated.

Mrs. Pamela Mutch says:

Beyonce Heat Perfume I bought this perfume as a gift for my step granddaughter. She had received this as a gift at Xmas and her mother told me she was bemoaning the fact that it was finished and she wanted some more. This is her favourite perfume so as far as she is concerned its a MUST HAVE.It came very quickly which I was pleased about.The only negative I have is that this item couldn’t be sent abroad directly to the person it is meant for. So that cost be extra expense.I would happily recommend this perfume to others.

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