Aramis Eau De Toilette Spray 110ml

August 7, 2013 - Comment

Product Features Size: 110ml Gender: Male

Product Features

  • Size: 110ml
  • Gender: Male


teachkate says:

Fabulous fragrance Good price and quick delivery. My husband keeps on trying new fragraces but always returns to this musky aromatic old favorite – must admit it’s mine too smels like a real amn should

J. Molyneux "jgmolyneux." says:

ARAMIS-THE BEST OF THE LOT !! i have used aramis since the 80s . i first smelled it on a friend of mine,it was absolutely gorgeous, but i didn’t know what it was at the time and funny enough,i never asked and didn’t see him for a while after.the next time we met i then found out what it was and knew i had to buy some.i have used it from the 80s upto the present day and it still remains my first choice aftershave when i go out.i’ve tried them all and nothing touches it.the thing with aramis,apart from it being so distinctive,is that as strong as it is,it’s a smell that will last the whole evening and will smell as strong the next morning when you wake up as it did when you put it on the night isn’t sickly or overpowering it’s just so very very’s unique ! i have had loads of comments off the ladies and gents alike and all theses years gone by i have still not smelled one as good.there are some lovely ones out there but it’s aramis for me.i would recommend it to won’t be…

J. Molyneux "jgmolyneux." says:

aramis classic edt spray. i first smelled aramis in the late 80s when i was in a club, a friend of mine passed me and i got a whiff of it,(i didn’t know what it was at the time) and it was a couple of years later when i met up with the same friend in question and he was wearing it again and this time i asked what it was.once he told me it wasn’t long before i bought some.over 20 yrs has passed since and for me it is still the best aftershave about.oh i know they are strong words in todays climate with all the modern ones that’s about and i admit,there are some really nice ones,i’ve tried loads’ but i swear,none of them touch will still be as strong smelling the next morning.i often smell my shirt the next morning on waking and its still a lovely fresh smell that eminates off it. it’s unique,it’s individual,long lasting and doesn’t have that sickly smell that many of the modern brands have.some people regard it as old hat,simply because it’s been around for so long,but for me,it’s still the best and i…

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